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Belarus women are known to be very intelligent and beautiful

Belarussian women, like Russian and Ukrainian women are known to be very intelligent and beautiful. If you plan on dating Belarus women online, you might like to know a little about her country and her culture. Knowing about her country and her culture is important if you want to make a good impression on her.

belarusian women

The Republic of Belarus was a part of the USSR until 1991; it is sometimes also called White Russia when referred to in their history up to 1918. Belarus is surrounded by Poland, Lithuania, Latvia Russia and Ukraine. It consists of a plain which is about the same size as Kansas and has a total area of 80,200 square miles.

Most of Belarus is low lands with small rolling hills and forests covering one-third of the land. Since 1991; the economy in Belarus has been slower than most of the other countries in its area. Russia is one of its largest buyers in exports.

The official language in Belarus is Belarusian; but Russian is very common. There are also many Polish, Lithuanian and Ukrainian people living in Belarus and they speak their own languages as well. Most of the meals that Belarus women prepare are red meat and potatoes. They also enjoy mushrooms in soups and other meals. Borscht is also a very popular soup that Belarus women love to make. It is always custom for the Belarus women to set the table; a Belarus man would never do this. They have a matchmaking custom that is related to food and vodka, but it is rarely practiced today.

Belarus women are very traditional; men are to be the more powerful gender and to bring home the money while the Belarus women stay home and take care of the children and the house. This is somewhat changing as women gain more power and recognition; although men are in all of the top political and economic offices. Most Belarus women do not see their stature in society as an injustice. It is the way they were raised and they don’t see it as an issue.

Christianity is the most common religion in Belarus women and men. Russian Orthodoxy is the most dominant followed by Roman Catholicism. Easter and Christmas are celebrated in Belarus and they also have a Russian Orthodox Easter which is celebrated in May.

Medicine and healthcare are free of charge to both Belarus women and men. This helps to keep them healthier. Their life expectancy is 62 for Belarus men and 74 for Belarus women with an overall average of 68 years old.

Literacy rates in Belarus are an astounding 98 percent of the population over the age of 15. Both Belarus men and women can read and write by this age. 10 percent of the population, on average, continues on to higher education in countries other than their own.

When you decide to date Belarus women online, it is important to learn about her country and her culture. Hopefully this will help you to have some quick facts to talk about while chatting with beautiful Belarus women.

Why are Russian women so beautiful?

The question of the day when you look at Russian women is why are Russian women so beautiful? Men all over have been asking this question as they go about looking at these women on a number of sites that allows foreign men to meet them and leave them wondering why are Russian women so beautiful. Well, here are some suggested answers to this question.

why are russian women so beautiful

The first reason that Russian women are beautiful to help you answer why are Russian women so beautiful is because they are so health conscious. They don’t eat a lot of meats. They don’t use too much salt and junk food isn’t something they eat much of. It’s frowned upon in their country.

Another reason as to why are Russian women so beautiful is because of the fact that they are health conscious. They go to the gym. They make sure that they exercise. They go to the spa. When you look at the things that you can find all throughout Russia would be these gyms, spas, ice rinks, swimming pools, saunas and more. This shows you that they put their health first and foremost.

Due to lack of transportation, they have to walk to many areas. This is something else to answer as to why are Russian women so beautiful. This is something that many don’t stop to think of. When you are looking at why are Russian women so beautiful, you will find that because they walk, this keeps them looking fit.

When you look at these things and when you are left wondering why are Russian women so beautiful, the mothers of these women were raised around the same things. They were told to look good and more. Therefore, these women come from good genes. Their mothers took care of themselves. They were also taught this when their mothers had them.

Some have some crazy theories as to why are Russian women so beautiful. Some say that back in the day when witch hunting was an art and practice all over the world, it was not so much the thing in Russia. While they killed off pretty women in other countries, they didn’t do so in Russia. That is one theory as crazy as it might seem.

Others who ask why are Russian women so beautiful find that the answer they get is because the men expect them to be. This is pretty much true. The men of this country are dominating and demand a lot of the women in their country. They expect them to look great and be proud of how they look.

Due to there not being many men in their country as the ratio to men and women is off, fathers will push their daughters to be great looking so they have a chance of getting married by a local man. This might explain why are Russian women so beautiful.

Everyone has a theory to the question of why are Russian women so beautiful. There are many reasons. The big thing is just be glad they look the way they look and you will be happy.