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The biggest way to know if you are being scammed is said that they will say they are going to get a visa to come visit you. The reason that this is a scam is because if they don’t offer for you to come see them, then they won’t be able to get a visa.

russian girls for marriage

Any of the women who are considered as Russian girls for marriage will know this. Here are the steps that have to be taken in order for her to get a visa.

The first step that you and these Russian girls for marriage must do is that they must go about and be visited by this man. If you are from another country, you have to go there to Russia and meet her. This is the first step to getting a visa.

The next step for Russian girls for marriage to get a visa would be that during the visit where you are to visit her, she must be engaged. Now, many men think that they can fake this, but that isn’t the case at all. When you and her become engaged, you take photos of both of you together.

This would be the thing you have to do next. However, you aren’t done there with these Russian girls for marriage. There are still other things you need to do.

Russian girls seeking marriage with foreign men

The next step with these Russian girls for marriage would be that you fly back to America or whatever country you have come from. When you go back, you apply for what is called a k-1 visa. This would be a visa for those who are engaged. This is what is known as the fiancée visa.

russian girls seeking men for marriage

When you do this, there are still a few more steps to get the woman from the Russian girls for marriage that you have to do would be to wait for the visa to be granted. There are other visas that they can go for, but they are much harder to obtain.

When it’s granted, this visa is good for three months. If by the end of those three months you have not gotten married, then she has to go home. There is a downfall to this. You can only use it once per woman. So, if you are just inviting her for a general visit, you might have better luck trying out a different visa.

Now, the last phase is if you do get married, what happens with the girl you chose from all the other Russian girls for marriage. After three years, they can try to become a citizen. You have to show that your marriage wasn’t a scam, but rather the real thing.

The other thing is that she has to know a few things about America as they will question her about the politics and the history as well as many other things. It’s hard to pass this test. Many Americans can’t even pass this test. These are some of the things you have to understand about the new immigration laws as it relates to Russian girls for marriage.