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The Russian mail order bride websites are rife with scammers

When it comes to searching for your perfect mate from Russia, it is far better to look for a mate via an online dating site than a Russian mail order bride site.

russian mail order brides scam

The Russian mail order bride websites are rife with scammers, people who are simply bent on taking your money without delivering the product you ordered. And, unfortunately, if you fall for one of these scams, there is little recourse.

When you sign up with an online dating site you are pretty much guaranteed that the women you are viewing are genuine. They have also paid money to join the site so that they, too, can search for a husband.

Most online dating sites have a process for vetting members and ensuring their genuineness. Once you register with the site and pay your fee, finding a Russian mail order bride should be pretty straightforward.

The vast majority of operators of Russian mail order bride websites make western men easy targets. They will hook you with a few overly sweet letters, some photos of gorgeous buxom blonde Russian mail order brides, take your money and disappear in a flash.

The scammers often contact you posing as Russian mail order bride

The scammers who operate these websites will often contact you posing as Russian mail order bride. They will want to correspond with you by email. And because you are searching for a partner, you will be happy to oblige. And so it begins.

russian mail order bride

They will correspond with you for a few weeks perhaps and then, before you know it, you will begin to receive emails in which your Russian mail order bride begins to profess having feelings for you. She desperately wants to meet you.

She says she would be happy to travel to wherever you are and meet you. Or she simply tells you she loves you. Your potential Russian mail order bride will then send you many photos of herself doing fun looking activities. You will find yourself enchanted by her photos and when she asks you in her next email if you liked her photo, of course the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Once you’ve confirmed with your Russian mail order bride that you would love nothing more than to meet her in person she will tell you that she’s been to a travel agency and would like to apply for a visa but she doesn’t have enough money for the application fee and she will ask you if you can help her out with the money. And then she will end her email with something telling you how much she loves you and can’t wait to be with you.

In a subsequent correspondence your Russian mail order bride might tell you that she has made an airline reservation but does not have the money to pay for it and, again, ask you for some money. If you send money to her again, she will know that she’s truly hooked you.

Even if you decline at this point, she will continue to ask you for money. She will tell you how much she loves you and ask why you don’t want to see her. Soon after you have sent this money, the emails will suddenly stop coming.

So if you are truly intent on finding a Russian mail order bride stick to the bona fide online dating websites. They are your best bet and offer the best protection from scams such as these described here.